About us

BIG SIGNAL - Antenna Systems, is a company dedicated to the radio communication sector. We are specialized in developing, designing and manufacturing antennas for the radio amateur market, based in the Region of Murcia, Spain.
We are professional manufactures and exclusively dedicated to full wavelength antennas like Cubical Quad and Delta Loop. Steady developing and innovating of new designs we currently can count more than 50 references in our catalog and offer antenna solutions for any use or frequency:
  • Multiband
  • Monoband
  • Omnidirectional
  • Directional
  • HF, VHF/UHF, CB (27 MHz)
  • Balun and Unun devices
  • Installation accessories
The man behind of BIG SIGNAL is Juan Pedro, EA5GJ. He looks back of many years dedicating his passion and experimentation todevelop this type of antenna to raise it to a commercial level.


Across the years the Cubical Quad and Delta Loop antennas raised great doubts about its mechanical strength and durability. Currently, with improvements in materials myths about their fragility changed its reputation and are history.

Electric design

All our antenna designs are optimized and simulated through state-of- the-art software. Afterwards, each model has been live-tested and verified, carrying out a multitude of tests and contacts in the air, guaranteeing its performance.

We also have a collaboration with Máximo EA1DDO, a renowned experimenter and designer of this type of antenna. In the section of Baluns devices, Ununs and impedance transformers Paco’s Balun supports us.

Mechanic Design

One of the great challenges in BIG SIGNAL has been to eliminate the idea that the Cubical Quad or Delta Loop antennas are fragile in the face of strong winds and meteorological phenomena.

Therefore, we have carefully studied each part of the design, reinforcing and using the latest advances in materials achieving extreme durability never seen in this type of antenna.


Optimized design of cross braces for fastening elements to the boom.
Fiberglass especially molded and designed to our needs, half-round for a perfect adaptation to the surface of our crossbar, reinforced fiber cloth and protective layer for the sun.
Special cable of 14 AWG (2,08 mm) tin-plated copper antenna, with polyethylene (PE) cover for excellent weather protection.
Stainless steel hardware and fittings, grade W4.
Balun, Unun devices and high quality impedance adaptations.

Why choose BIG SIGNAL?

Do you consider yourself a true DX’er? Then BIG SIGNAL is the perfect partner for you. Choosing us guarantees you the best performance in your choice of antenna:

Less QRN, better reception

The design of Quad antennas causes attenuation of the QRN/QRM that we unfortunately suffer more and more in urban environments. The decrease of this effect, will allow us to hear weak signals that with other types of antennas we could´t relocate.

Very low radiation angle

The Quad antennas have a very low radiation angle even at low altitude, which is crucial for the DX.Therefore these will always be more effective at less height than other types of antennas.

More gain

Electrically there is no possible discussion, a full wavelength increases about 1.5 dB than a half wave dipole (Yagi).

Excellent lateral rejection

The front / side relation of the Quad antennas is exceptional, providing high directionality and at the same time reducing the noise of the rejection directions.

Ideal for small spaces

Our multiband Quad antenna with 2 elements and 5 bands with only 2,84 meters of boom and its small turning radius is the perfect solution for limited spaces. It guarantees superior performance compared to other Full-element antennas with thesize of more than 10 meters in width and superior length of boom. No other HF antenna offers similar performance in such a small space!

Lighter weight

Because of its manufacture, its weight is reduced considerably compared to other aluminum antennas of similar characteristics.


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