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Discover the new Delta Loop BIG SIGNAL DL-6R antenna, the version in rigid inverted V format of our popular DL-6 series.

The BIG SIGNAL DL-6R Delta Loop antenna offers you an excellent bi-directional antenna option to get started in the world of DX in the "Magic Band". Its horizontal polarization, low radiation angle and very low noise will make you hear the weakest DX stations in the band.

On the other hand, the mechanical design uses a super heavy-duty fiber system that makes it a design of extreme durability.

Why choose the BIG SIGNAL DL-6R Delta Loop antenna over a vertical, dipole or similar antenna?

· Full wavelength antenna in 6 meters, without coils or adaptation elements, achieving maximum performance and efficiency.
· Very low noise: Being a closed loop antenna, it will allow you to attenuate QRN and urban noise, improving the reception quality of weak signals in the band.
· Very low radiation angle even installed at low height: This allows us to make fewer jumps until we reach the DX, which results in a stronger signal on the other side.
· Superior DX performance guaranteed against highly prestigious verticals, half-wave dipole, double bazooka or similar.
· Super robust construction.
· Easy installation, Does not need any adjustment

The new solar cycle 25 begins working the best DX at 50 MHz.

BIG SIGNAL - The ultimate performance 


· Band: 50 MHz. 
· Active elements: 1
· Gain: 2,9 dBi (free space) | 8,5 dBi @6 m.
· SWR: 1,1:1 ~ 1,5:1.
· Power rating: 1.000 W. PEP
· Turning radius: 1,8 m. / 3,116 ft
· Total height: 1,90 m. / 6,233 ft
· Total width: 1,90 m. / 6,233 ft
· Weight: 2 Kg. / 4,40 lb
· Wind survival: > 150 Km/h. / 125 mph
· Wind load: 0,174 m2 | 136.59 N | @ 120 km/h.

Construction details:

· Plate to Mast: 250 x 150 x 6 mm.
· Element fastening: 20 x 3 mm angles. 
· Hardware: Stainless Steel, W4 grade.
· Spreaders Arms: 14 x 7 mm tube.
· Cable: BIG SIGNAL - Wire. Special copper cable with polyethylene (PE) sheath for excellent weather protection and mechanical resistance.
· Feeding: UHF-PL female.


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2 element 50 MHz (7,65 dBi - 20,03 dB F/B)
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