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Discover the BIG SIGNAL 10BS-270 model, this design begins to be a serious antenna for working long-distance terrestrial contacts or for use in satellite communications. The boom length is only 1.2 meters, but they guarantee incredible performance with 4 active Quad elements in VHF and 6 elements in the UHF band.

Why choose a Cubical Quad antenna versus a traditional Yagi?

· Full wavelength antenna in 2 meters and 70 centimeters, achieving maximum performance and efficiency.
· More gain in less boom length than a Yagi of the same size.
· Very low noise. Being a closed antenna, it will allow you to reduce the QRN and improve the reception quality of weak signals in the bands.
· Less influence to the polarization crossing. This results in less QSB or signal loss when receiving signals in different Horizontal/Vertical polarization.
· High selectivity. Excellent suppression of lateral and rear lobes.
· Robust construction for extreme durability.

The best directional antenna option for urban environments, in times when noise in cities is increasingly high, a closed antenna is the definitive solution to improve the reception of weak signals. Welcome to the antennas without noise!

BIG SIGNAL · The ultimate performance in V-UHF


· Band: 144 / 432 MHz
· Active elements: 4 / 6 elements.
· Gain: 10,41 / 10,2 dBi
· F/B: 19,03 / 10,01 dB.
· Polarization: Horizontal or Vertical.
· SWR: 1,1:1 ~ 1,5:1.
· Impedance: 50 Ohm.
· Power rating: 5.000 W.
· Boom length: 1,21 m / 3,96 ft
· Turning radius: 0,96 m / 3,14 ft
· Total height: 0,35 m / 1,148 ft
· Weight: 1,8 Kg / 3,96 lb
· Wind survival: > 200 Km/h. / 125 mph

Construction details:

· Boom size: Square aluminum of 25 x 2 mm / 9,84 in.
· Hardware: Stainless Steel, W4 grade.
· Spreaders Arms: 8 x 4 fiber 
· Cable: BIG SIGNAL - Wire. Special copper cable with polyethylene (PE) sheath for excellent weather protection and mechanical resistance.
· Feeding: 50 Ohm. 2 coaxial lines (PL-UHF connector in 144 MHz and N in 432 MHz as standard). For a single coaxial you can optionally add a duplexer (Select in add-ons).


  1. Pepe (EA7ZT)30 Ago, 2020 - 09:10

    La antena es de una calidad y eficiencia excelente. La puedes usar con garantía de éxito en FM, SSB y para satélites. Para satélites tienes la opción de ponerle la placa de elevación fija. Es una buena antena tanto para estación fija como portable. Estoy muy contento con ella la verdad.

  2. José María (EA5IWX )10 Dic, 2019 - 15:01

    Muy buena antena, desde que empecé con las pruebas para ver qué antena ponía en mi QTH (una zona muy alejada, en el noroeste de la Región de MURCIA), ya que no esperaba buen resultado de ninguna, me quedé sorprendido con el rendimiento que me ofrecía tanto en Vhf como en Uhf. Llegando a zonas como Cartagena en directo y sin tener la antena dirección allí. Muy contento con el resultado, sin duda si tenéis mala ubicación contactar con BigSignal y os encontrará una solución.

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Antenna BIG SIGNAL 10BS-270 (10 element V-UHF)
Assembly of V-UHF elements
EA5GJ working Meteo-Scatter with the 10BS-270
EA5GJ | Working the National V-UHF Contest with the 10BS-270 antenna

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6 element V-UHF (2+4)
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