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The BIG SIGNAL RF Choke device is a RF isolator choke designed and optimized with high quality materials, available in 3 versions of 300, 3.000 W and 5.000 W. PEP.

Benefits of its installation:

· Eliminates RF returns in our installation.
· Protect the radio room from RF currents and other disturbances and interference.


· Frequency of use: 1 - 52 MHz.
· Transformation: 50 to 50 ohm.
· Insertion losses: <0.1 dB.
· Maximum Power: 300 W. PEP


· Winding: Coaxial RG-400.
· Toroid: Ni-Zn with low initial permeability.
· Bolts: Stainless steel.
· Connector: SO239 with PTFE insulation.


  1. Julian Nieto (EA1GOZ )27 Nov, 2018 - 19:54

    Lo instale hace tres días, yo no había utilizado nunca un Choke de RF y la verdad es que estoy muy sorprendido de los buenos resultados conseguidos. Un saludo cordial de EA1GOZ Julian.

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